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As a result of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic we had to move the remaining Festivallinks activities online. In order to inspire ourselves and others on the subject of audience development we invited three experts to teach us more about the different aspects of the subject.

Organizational Webinar #1

Creating an experience that connects with your audience

By Matt van der Poel

Matt is a CEO, but not in a traditional way. He is a Chief Experience Officer and specializes in the connection companies/organizations make with their consumers/audience, and more importantly how they make this connection meaningful. Matt works at a company called Fresh Forward and he will introduce us to the theory around “the Experience Economy” and give us a lot of inspirational examples from all over the world. All in all, a lot of inspiration we as (small) music festivals can learn from on connecting with our audience.

Organizational webinar #2

Getting more out of your marketing and social media.

By Janko Duinker

For the second Organizational webinar we invited marketeer Janko Duinker (you may remember him from the Inspirational Session of Bach Festival Dordrecht). He’s an expert on marketing and social media for cultural organizations. It promises to be a very educational webinar about the importance of knowing your audience and some examples of hands-on methods to improve your own festivals marketing and audience development.

Organizational webinar #3

Do’s and don’ts in hosting online events: ‘making the connection’.

By Lenny Klaassen

We’ve invited Lenny Klaassen from Effectivents. She is an expert on organizing effective events and experienced in training event managers. The past year she has given many workshops and trainings on the managing and hosting of online events. During the third Organizational webinar she will share with us inspirational and practical insights.

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Inspirational Sessions Festivallinks

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