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International Bach Festival

The IBF is a very young mid-scale music festival with a lot of potential. During three editions it achieved an important status within the cultural life of Gran Canaria.

Since 2015 the Auditorio Alfredo Klaus has been host of the International Bach Festival (IBF) every year. The festival presents a number of concerts and educational activities during a period of 2 months, typically in February, March and April every year.

Our programs are usually centered around the music of J.S Bach and his contemporaries. We gradually started to introduce contemporary music as well.

We hold 9 Regular concerts 6 in our own premises (3.350 visitors) and 3 concerts on other locations (400 visitors). The Youth Chamber Orchestra performs twice (600 visitors). Next to these concerts we also have school and family concerts: 9 (2.000 visitors) and outreach concerts: 1 day of several performances in Hospitales San Roque (200 visitors). Finally we also host several master classes (10 professors, 50 students during 8 days)

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